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260 Žilavka

Dry white wine, pale yellow color with green undertone (reflection) and pronounced aromas of bee wax, quince and floral notes. Completed with gentle notes of vineyard peach and citrus. It is characterised by complexity and harmoniousness, brightness (refreshing acidity) and pronounced minerality.

Recommended serving temperature:
9-11 °C.

260 Rose

Dry rose wine, pale pink color with prominent aromas of rose petals, raspberry and strawberry. Characterised by balanced flavour, fullness and brightness.

Recommended serving temperature:
7-10 °C.

260 Cuvée

Dry red wine, dark ruby ​​color with intense fruity character dominated by aromas of ripe cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and complete with mild notes of violet, vanilla and chocolate. Full and rounded body, with very soft tannins, this wine leaves a long finish in the mouth.

Recommended serving temperature:
18-20 °C.

Wine 260

For us, 260 isn’t just a plain regular number. On the contrary, it is the number we are made of. The number that makes us just the way we are. The number we are proud of, as it is responsible for our character, our smile, our life force.

The number of pure happiness

260 represents the number of days in a year when we are bathed in the sun. It is the number of pure happiness! 

Sun. Energy. Optimism.

The number of bright and beautiful days that warms our hearts. That sun. Energy. Optimism. That is what we are. Playful, cheerful and bright, honest and benevolent.

Just like our wine!

Every glass of wine becomes the sunshine

When our grapes absorb the sun’s energy for 260 days, each grain becomes plump, juicy and takes on a special aroma and flavour. Each grain becomes one little sun that will be drenched in wine, and every glass of wine becomes the sunshine.

When those gloomy and cold days come and we start the count down until the sun’s return, our faith in life gets restored by Wine 260.

Because this wine, it’s simply the Sun in a glass.

Wine 260.
Sun in a glass.

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