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Vera Winery is committed to showcasing the extraordinary terroir of Hercegovina. Our wines are the result of not only hard work but our love and dedication to the highest quality fruit production process which has been in our veins for decades. Vinarija Vera produces both single varietals, as well as signature blends which include the region’s amazing indigenous varietals, Vranac and Zilavka. These wines truly highlight the fantastic potential of this special valley as well as the decade old vineyards. Using classic and modern technologies, we lean on the extraordinary terroir in Hercegovina to produce the best wines.


Dry white wine, pale yellow color with green undertone (reflection) and pronounced aromas of bee wax, quince and floral notes. Completed with gentle notes of vineyard peach and citrus. It is characterised by complexity and harmoniousness, brightness (refreshing acidity) and pronounced minerality.

Recommended serving temperature:
9-11 °C.


Dry rose wine, pale pink color with prominent aromas of rose petals, raspberry and strawberry. Characterised by balanced flavour, fullness and brightness.

Recommended serving temperature:
7-10 °C.


Dry red wine, dark ruby ​​color with intense fruity character dominated by aromas of ripe cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and complete with mild notes of violet, vanilla and chocolate. Full and rounded body, with very soft tannins, this wine leaves a long finish in the mouth.

Recommended serving temperature:
18-20 °C.


Wine description to follow

Besides the science behind wine-making; we can thank our Mediterranean climate and the mountains which hug the valley for boosting our wines’ flavours.

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